Exceptional Exercise Band Workouts

Best Resistance Band Workouts

Exercise is one of the most critical elements when you want to lead a healthy and fit life. When it comes to bone and muscle development, there is nothing better than weight bearing exercises. No, this does not include carrying around a keg of beer around for your friend’s party. Though that could offer you a little benefit temporarily!

Jogging, dancing (though do not dance like Alan Harper did in Two and a Half Men!), hiking, and weight training are just a few examples of these exercises. They are considered to be beneficial because they force you to work against gravity, putting more stress on the bones and the muscles and thereby making them stronger.

Exercise resistance bands are often used in strength training exercises as well as in rehabilitation programs. The highlight of these fitness bands is that they can be used anywhere, you can carry them to the park or choose to workout in your home.

These portable bands are available in a variety of resistance levels, high to low. The color of the band indicates its resistance level. Some of the most common type of resistance bands available in the market today are therapy bands, tube bands with handles, and loop bands.

Resistance band training works like weight machines or free weights in that your muscles must work against the force of these bands. The best thing about these fitness bands is that they can provide resistance in both horizontal as well as vertical planes. In simple terms, no matter what motion you want to perform, these bands can offer you resistance.

There are so many exercise band workouts out there, and each of them work on different muscle groups of your body. You can use these workouts to burn fat anywhere on your body. Here is a list of workouts that you can do with the help of exercise resistance bands.

Core Exercises with Exercise Bands

Core exercises are exercises that help you strengthen your core muscles, namely, the back muscles, the abdominal muscles, and the muscles around your pelvis. The core exercise band workouts that you can perform include:

  • Russian Twist

This exercise is supposed to be performed while you are seated on the floor. Extend your legs in front of you and loop the center of the band around your feet. Hold the ends of the band in each of your hands and bend your knees slightly. Remember, your feet should be touching the ground. Now lean back a bit so that your back makes a 45 degree angle with the floor.

All you need to do is bring both your hands on the right side, so that your right hand is touching the floor by your hip. Now move both hands to the left side, with your left hand touching the ground. Throughout this exercise, you should ensure that your lower back and your middle does not move.

  • Kneeling Crunches

Crunches have always been a salient exercise routine to work on your core muscles. For kneeling crunches, anchor the fitness band somewhere high up, say the top of a door. Grab each side of the band with one hand and kneel down, with your back to the door. Extend your shoulder outwards so that they are at your shoulder level and crunch down. Gently return to the resting position and repeat the same steps at least 10 to 12 times.

Lower Body Exercises Using Resistance Bands

Apart from strengthening the core muscles, exercise band workouts can also help you work on specific muscles. Here are some resistance band exercises for your lower body.

  • Rotating Lunge and Row

If you want to work on your glutes, upper back, legs, and abs, then rotating lunge and row is the perfect exercise for you. To begin with, place your right leg forward and lift up your left leg (split stance). The resistance band must be folded in half and held parallel to the ground, in a way that your arms are extended and your palms are facing down.

Pull the band wider by bending your elbows, pull it towards your chest on your right. Squeeze your shoulder blades together but keep your shoulders down. While you are pulling the band towards you, lower your body in a lunge. Repeat the same process on your left side.

  • Glute Bridge

This is a simple exercise that uses resistance bands to work on your glutes. Tie an exercise band around your legs, wrap it just above the knees. Lie down on the floor on your back and your feet must be firmly planted on the ground. Bend your knees so that they are at a 90 degree angle. Now all that is required of you is to raise your hips till the knees, the shoulders and the hips align. Do not forget to contract your glutes throughout this exercise. Ideally, you must perform 15 to 20 reps of this exercise.

Chest Exercises

You can also use resistance band training to work on your chest muscles. Some of the exercises that you can engage in are:

  • Push Ups

Use these bands while performing classic exercises to ensure that you are working with additional resistance. Get down on the floor in a plank position and wrap a fitness band around your upper back. Hold the ends of the bands in each hand and place your hands on the floor. Now perform the exercise like you would normally do, ensure that your knees do not touch the ground and that your arms are extended.

  • Bench Press

If you think you cannot perform this exercise without a barbell, think again. Secure the exercise band on the bench legs and lie down on the same bench with your face up. Grab each side of the band in your hands. To get into position, pull your hands till they are at your shoulder level, your thumbs must touch the front of the shoulders. Now extend your arms overhead by moving both your hands towards each other. Lower them back down slowly, and complete one set of this exercise (10 to 12 reps).

Back Exercises

If you suffer from any back troubles, these exercise band workouts can help strengthen the back muscles. Some of the basic resistance band back exercises include:

  • Lying Pullover

This exercise works on your pectorals as well as your Latissimus dorsi muscle. The first thing that you must do is secure the band somewhere low. Lie down on the floor on your back and grab hold of one end of the band in each of your hands. When you hold the bands, your arms should be extended straight above your head. With knees bent and feet firmly on the ground, pull the ends of the resistance band over your head until it reaches the knees. Return back to the starting position very slowly. For best results, perform around 8 to 10 reps.

  • Bent-Over-Row

For this back exercise, stand on top of the center of the resistance band. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees. Push your hips out and hinge at your waist. Hold the ends of the band in a way that your palms are facing the outside of your knees. Pull the fitness band up until it reaches your hips, by bending your elbows. Keep squeezing your shoulder blades together, right until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Gently lower to the resting position and perform 10 to 12 reps.

There are just a few examples of exercise band workouts that have been found to be effective. Why not perform these exercises and see for yourself? It is certainly better and more practical than trying to lift kegs of beer around!